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About us

Shudun Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. We are located in Beijing, China and we are an industry-leading provider of information security products and services, as well as ARM-based servers.

Shudun has a rich product line of more than 20 types of products, including ARM-based Storage Servers, High-speed Encryption Switch, Financial Hardware Security Module, Satellite Link Encryption System, High Speed PCI-E Encryption Card, and Data Link Encryption System, etc. 

The ARM-based storage servers offer low-cost, low-energy and high-performance distributed enterprise storage solutions. The 40Gbps high-speed encryption switch is an industry-leading product in terms of throughput. The network storage encryption machine was a product of some technical break-through in FC storage switching network. 

Shudun is one of very few organizations which have obtained both cryptographic product manufacturing certification and commercial cryptographic product sales license issued by the OSCCA (Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration ). We have multiple commercial cryptography patents and software copyrights, and more than ten of our products have obtained commercial cryptographic product model certification, ranking in the forefront of the industry.