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Shudun High Speed Safe Switch
Release time :2017-08-03 09:17:46 | Browse times:


Shudun High Speed Safe Switch, jointly developed by Shudun and Huawei Company, may meet the needs of safe and high-speed data interchange in the data centers and interchange among data centers and wide area networks.

High Speed Safe Switch is mainly composed of key management center, security operation center, encryption module and other equipment and system. Key management center is comprised of four core function modules, including namely asset management module, key cryptosystem management module, flow management module and risk management module. Encryption module is integrated in the safe switch, consisting hardware board, IC card authentication interface and on-board firmware.

High Speed Safe Switch aims to protect the network data via encryption, guaranteeing the data on the network to be transferred with encrypted mode and preventing data from being stolen or tampered.

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