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Shudun Hippo 200
Release time :2017-06-16 10:28:38 | Browse times:


Hippo200 comes in a stardard 2U server. A Hippo200 cluster consists multiple servers, and can be expanded (no upper limit) or shrinked on demand.

Each Hippo200 server contains two powerful 48-core ARM v8 CPUs. It also boasts 3 QSFP+(40Gbps) ports and 4 SFP+ (10Gbps) ports. It runs on Gluster and is designed to be a high-performance NAS. It can scale up to Petabytes and beyond. It can serve thousands of clients simultaneously.

Hippo200 also offers block-level storage through iSCSI.

Hippo200's target applications include high-performance computing, media/content distribution network(CDN), backup/archive/disaster recovery, virtual machine storage, as well as file system for big data/Hadoop.

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